Our plants are located in an industrial hub of Ghaziabad in the vicinity of Delhi. Spreadover 10,000sq.ft, our unit is equipped with state-of-art infrastructure for manufacturing customized products and controlling quality. Each of our products is produced in a dedicated area


A Ball-Mill with a capacity of 6M.T/day is installed in our plant. Our experienced staff, some of whom have been in the lead industry for more than 20 years produce superior quality grey oxide which gives excellent results for long lasting batteries.

Melting Pot

Two melting pots, one for lead- alloy and other for refining are installed in our unit. Both pots contains stellar made of Stainless steel which helps to minimize iron impurities in lead. Each pot has a capacity of 20-22M.T.

Barton Plant

We are the only producer of Red Lead from Barton process in Uttar Pradesh. Our Barton has a capacity of 6M.T./day and is made of Stainless Steel. The Barton produces Messicot which inturn is used to produce Red Lead.

Red Lead Furnace

Our Red Lead furnace has been fabricated with latest technology. It has a capacity of 2.5M.T./day of producing Red Lead. Automated Temperature controls ensure high quality in product.


Our unit also comprises Pulveriser of capacity of 1 M.T/hour. Both interior and exterior of the puleriser are made of Stainless Steel. With the help of this pulveriser, we are easily able to cater to the specific needs of our customers and deliver them the A.D. for Red Lead that they require.

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