1. A comprehensive range of lead-based products
        Founders’ expertise in the industry spanning 10 years
        A state-of-art manufacturing unit with advanced machinery
        Quality and precision monitoring through Spectro meter M-10
        Strong technical team having a collective experience of more than 100 years
        Ability to cater to customized needs of high quality lead alloys
        A track record of superb performance, reliability and servicing
        A list of foremost buyers from the battery industry
        Emphasis on eco-friendly manufacturing

Our Products

We are the Leading Manufacturer of Alloys & Pigments in Northern India & Produces World Class Products having network all over India.

We deals in many world class products

Red Lead

We are one of the main manufacturers of Red Lead in North India With state-of-the art Barton Pots, Red Lead furnaces and Pulveriser all made from Stainless steel, we manufacture the finest Red Lead in both setting and non setting grades. Our Red Lead is best suitable in Lead-Acid storage batteries, paint, glass, plastic and rubber industries. Red Lead is also used for many other applications. Our USP lies in manufacturing Red Lead accurate to customer specifications with minimum impurities.


Litharge, also known as Lead Monoxide or PbO is a canary-yellowish to reddish-yellow powder used as an essential ingredient in the manufacture of pigments, glass, ceramic industry, power cables and pvc industry. Our monthly capacity for Litharge is 180 MT / Month. Our USP lies in manufacturing Litharge accurate to customer specifications with minimum Iron, Copper and other impurities. Our Litharge is manufactured from process controlled Barton Pot connected to Litharge furnaces.

Lead Sub-Oxide

Lead Sub-Oxide, also known as Grey Oxide or Battery Oxide is a Blackish to Greenish Grey colored powder used in the manufacturing of Lead-Acid storage batteries. Our Lead Sub-Oxide is manufactured from 99.98% Pure Lead which is free from impurities like Iron, Copper, Nickel, Tin, Antimony under < 10 PPM. Our production capacity stands at 360 MT / Month.

Pure Lead

We manufacture Pure Lead (99.98%) from Remelted Lead and is one of the finest in North India. Our Pure Lead has all impurities controlled < 10 PPM for common impurities like Iron, Copper, Tin, Antimony and all others < 5 PPM. All our Pure Lead batches are 100% in-house spectrophotometer tested and provided with 15 elements test reports.

Lead Alloys

We manufacture Lead Alloys like Selenium Lead Alloy, Antimony Lead Alloy, Calcium Lead Alloys and all kinds of Lead alloys as per customer specifications. All our Lead Alloy batches are 100% in-house spectrophotometer tested and provided with 15 elements test reports. We adhere to strict customer specification. All our deliveries are done with exact batch test reports.

Rice Basmati

Our pure quality Basmati Rice are known for its rich taste and mesmerizing aroma. We offer Basmati Rice that is free from impurities and hygienically stored. Today, we are catering a large number of consumers spread across the globe with our top quality basmati rice. The increasing demand for Indian basmati in international market has assisted us in targeting new clients based in countries like Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Singapore etc. Currently, we have our loyal client base in Iran, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Middle East and so on.

Wood Charcoal

With our rich experience of the domain, we have emerged as a reliable Wood Charcoal Manufacturer as well as Supplier in India. The industrial grade Hardwood Wood Charcoal, we offer, is dry and has rich content of carbon, volatile chemicals and ash. Used in domestic, industrial and automotive arena, the Wood Charcoal, we offer, is demanded widely by the clients. We have godowns in Delhi & Ghaziabad, clients can avail the Wood Charcoal from us in varied quantities as per the requirement

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